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Hawaii, Stepchild of the Presidential Race

Friday, February 15th, 2008

The Honolulu Advertiser’s headline read, “Clinton, Obama Campaigns Taking Hawaii Seriously”

Are we to really believe that? Looks to me like we are being bypassed. Both these candidates are going after bigger fish. Texas and Ohio maybe? I’m not blaming them; it’s a numbers game. The candidates must be thrilled that we don’t take their absence here personally, even though the next caucus after ours isn’t until March 4.

That’s ok, we get Chelsea and Barack’s sister…half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng. Kinda like showing up at an appointment with Governor Lingle and you get stuck with Duke Aiona. Well, not that bad, sorry. Maya’s kinda hot and if Hillary wins how would it be to be Chelsea? So as you were saying Chelsea, your Dad was President, and what does your Mom do again?

I think the reason we won’t see either candidate here has more to do with fundraising than it has to do with delegates. We are ranked a paltry 43rd when it comes to contributions made for Presidential candidates.

I think the candidates should thank the local newscasts for doing the campaigning for them. They promoted the turn ‘em and burn ‘em press junkets as if they were Barbara Walters’s Specials. Dan Meisenzahl had an “exclusive” with Hillary Clinton and boy did he ask the tough questions. I hear 60 Minutes calling. He even asked her to be his Valentine. Gosh that is so fricken cute it kills me. Ahhh the indignity. See it at: Unreal Exclusive

Gina Mangieri from Khon2 was “On the Road” with the candidates. I’m confident that after one of these Dems make it to the Oval Office we’ll see her on Air Force One.

If I had the chance this is what I would ask;

Senator Clinton: Senator Dan Inouye, State Senate President Colleen Hanabusa and many other old school Hawaii Democrats are endorsing you. Don’t you think you should have at least showed up and given them some run? I mean after all, when Obama wins, our State will be out in the cold and these backers of yours in the shitter, unless Abercrombie (Obama backer) can save us. Senator, if you lose, are we in the shitter?

Senator Obama: I’ve followed you closely ever since your speech at the last Democratic Convention. You gave me a JFK type feeling. For much of the same reason we see more highlights of Shane Victorino than games that have relevance to the pennant race, the focus here in the islands wasn’t that you may become the next President, but that you were born and raised here. Following that speech some of the local writers found it curious that you weren’t trumpeting your roots here. Well, since then, they did it for you. Perhaps they were expecting, following your most eloquent speech in 2004 just before John Kerry was introduced, that you would throw a few shakas to the roaring crowd. The way I see it, you didn’t really dig Hawaii. I’m thinking your growing up here was less Jasmine Trias and more Bette Midler. I think the alumni at Punahou thought you were going to go Steve Case on them. I don’t know brother, the way I see it is that the only ding on your record is that you did drugs when you were younger. (not a ding in my opinion, I have more respect for you knowing you hit the pipe) And where did you do those drugs? Did someone say Punahou? Sorry to keep you waiting Senator, my question is; if you win, are we due for some serious payback because most of our leaders didn’t back you?

Mark Ida