Presidential Experience

The major knock on Barack Obama is his lack of experience. What kind of experience would qualify? Many years ago my friend Randy Nakagawa made a great point that Governors more than Senators make better candidates for President. He reasoned that Governors are executives and thus shot callers, whereas Senators rule by committee. This made sense and I bought into this.

 I’m putting my faith in Obama regardless of this. I think there are just born leaders and he is one of them. The JFK of my time.

How is anyone qualified for anything? Teacher to principal, reporter to legislator, pageant queen to weather girl (this is Hawaii, so the last two are ok), actor to President, daughter to mother? Some times we just have to take a calculated chance.

 In the argument of experience, isn’t the only person that is truly qualified, one who has already served a four-year term. Maybe that’s why we gave Bush another four. He was “experienced”.

Mark Ida


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