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Aspartame Ban

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

I’m not an expert on Aspartame, but I can tell you I don’t blame any of my dizziness, headaches, bouts with epilepsy or even the weird lump on my left testicle on the gum I chew. Of course I’m kidding, I don’t suffer from any of these……well maybe headaches.

How is it that a large number of people are urging our Legislators to ban aspartame commonly known as Equal and NutraSweet? Do they realize there are over 6000 products that contain aspartame? The shelves at Foodland may soon be bare. This stuff could slowly be killing us like many other things. But shouldn’t we first start by educating the public. We would then start avoiding these products, and then manufactures would have to react. Much like we see with transfat. I still can’t tell you why it’s bad, but if I have a choice of a bag of chips and one has transfat and one doesn’t, I go with the one without. An argument could be that it is impossible to avoid aspartame because it’s in everything. That is my point too; it’s in so many products there will be nothing left to buy if a ban passes.

You would think we would have banned MSG by now. I still see it in everything. Every bowl of Saimin is a year’s supply of MSG. This subject makes me think of my years as a hairdresser. I had many clients that saw me on a regular basis to color their gray hair. It would be cause for a big freak out when one of these women got pregnant. They all said their doctor said to stop, and most would. Some I remember told me to stop with a Diet Coke in their hands. What I found to be curios was that they had me put this color on their heads once a month for the last ten years and now they are going to stop because it’s hazardous to the baby? What the hell was it doing to them all this time? I always told them that the negative effect it would have on them or their unborn child was minimal compared to the stress they would feel when they looked in the mirror everyday with a full head of grey hair. Maybe the cause of some cases of post partum depression is bad hair. I’ll ask Brooke Shields or maybe Tom Cruise.

What’s so bad about Aspartame again?