McCain Smear Tactics

The only apparent talent Sara Palin has is wisecracking. Do her supporters really think that her style will win over our allies or have a prayer with our enemies around the globe? Can you see her sitting across from Vladimir Putin? Would Putin be carefully listening to her concerns or would he be thinking, “Hey, she kinda looks like a stripper!”

 When they should be telling us how they are going to get us out if this grave financial crisis, the McCain/Palin ticket is resorting to character association smear tactics. During her debate with Biden, Palin said she didn’t want to talk about the past, only the future. So much for that.

 This is all an act of desperation. I remember McCain swearing he would make his campaign about issues not personal attacks. So much for that.

 If they keep it up, will someone call Maya Soetero-Ng and tell her to tell her brother to play the adultery card. All the accusations of Obama’s relationships take an incredible amount of imagination. Was eight-year-old Barack helping William Avery wire up bombs to blow up Federal targets? Was Barack crafting offensive sermons late into the night with Reverend Wright? But there is absolutely no need for imagination to see that John McCain’s current marriage to Cindy McCain is a product of good old American adultery. What is most unsavory about his story is that while faithfully waiting for her husband during his imprisonment in Vietnam, Carol McCain was in a serious car crash. She was ejected out the front windshield and suffered severe injuries. She didn’t allow news of her accident to reach her husband’s ears while he was imprisoned. When McCain finally came home, he reunited with his wife, a former model, only to find that she was now 4 inches shorter, on crutches and quite a bit heavier. Just a few years later here in romantic Hawaii, the married John McCain fell head over heels in love with Cindy McCain. He then divorced his wife Carol and a month later married Cindy.

 If a man’s own wife can’t trust him, how can all the people of the greatest nation on earth trust him? What I find most curious about this, is that all the bible thumpers seem to overlook this very important, relevant trust issue. Thou shall not…..?

 If this race is close and the vote from women could make or break, it is time to unleash the truth. Last I checked, women aren’t very fond of adulterers.

 And if any thing more is needed, the Obama camp can always point out that Cindy McCain was a narcotic addict and stoled her drugs from a non-profit charity. The DEA was involved and she faced a twenty-year prison sentence.


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